Tuesday, February 1, 2011

more phone pictures

A smiling baby boy, in some kicks from the baby shower that he is already fitting into!

A cat mask, made and then worn for the rest of the day. Pants optional.

A bibbed baby - with this pattern.

A sleepy, but not asleep baby.

And a Jane, who has asked me all day when it is going to start snowing. She has been looking out the windows watching for polar bears. Apparently they come "RIGHT AWAY" when it starts to snow.

Come on Texas weather, how can you disappoint her?

I mean snow. Not polar bears. That would be dangerous and terrifying.


davatron5000 said...

I, for one, am glad Jane is on the lookout for polar bears since she is the Greatest Bear Fighter that America has.

The Williams Family said...

Ah, your children are adorable as always.

Not having any snow is so typical. But a day with everyone home feels like what I expect hurricanes to be: eating chips and hot sauce and watching movies. I always forget that after a hurricane there is no electricity.

But maybe you got snow and polar bears in Austin?