Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

Ben and I were late picking Jane up from school, but we didn't let it keep us down. We all stayed late anyway for Wren's big class party.

Ben was a trooper, even without a diaper change, or a mother who remembered to clean the goop out of his eyes before leaving the house.

Wren's class had a crazy free for all valentine hunt, in addition to cookie decorating, filling mailboxes with their homemade valentines, and making presents for their parents. It was a big party, and I think no one would be surprised by the fact that both girls cried on the way home, and Jane passed out on her bed after I cleaned the chocolate off her face.

I helped Wren clean her face too, because she really hates the feel of face paint. Usually she would never agree to be painted, but I guess she was peer pressured into it by her school friends.

She's wearing one of the little heart clips I made for the girls Valentines. Those are almost a tradition at this point, and this year I used another tutorial from The Purl Bee.

And finally, to wrap up a lovely Valentines Day, the girls were invited to a kid party at a WONDERFUL SELF SACRIFICING friend's house, and Chase proved, once again, after 8 wonderful years, that he knows how to treat a lady. That $1.60 was WELL SPENT and I enjoyed the hell out of my Valentine tacos.

I hope Arandas becomes a tradition for our family too. Hair clips and tacos. I'll take it.


The Williams Family said...

Tacos and hair clips make for an excellent Valentine's Day indeed.

My perfect Valentine's Day is can be summed up by Kevin from The Office: "Pizza. Soda. The moon. Someone to share it with."

Aud said...

that use to be our favorite taco place in austin! ohh, i miss it. and the queso.