Sunday, February 27, 2011


From where I sit now I hear a constant cheep cheeping, coming from our housemate's bathroom. Poor Molly had kind of a surprise when she came home yesterday and saw her bathroom had been invaded. She's currently out housesitting for some friends... coincidence?

This one's Sal. The littlest and cheepiest. Named by Jane.

Lil is the darker, fluffier one, named by Wren. Wren is convinced that Lil is the smartest chicken in the world.

We're going to get some more next week, but when I got the Callahans with the girls the guy in front of me bought ALL the rest of the chicks. Seriously! I asked if we could have just ONE of the ones he was having them box up and he said "Nope! That would make it unlucky 13 for me!"

Okay dude. Keep your chicks. We'll try Buck Moore this week.

In spite of rainy drizzly weather we've been outside a lot this weekend. Wren has finally (FINALLY!) mastered the art of pumping on the swing. Praise the Lord.

And Jane, in her Snow White dress, eating an apple. I find apple cores all over the house- under couches, behind dressers, last week I found one in the car. Yuck.

Benjamin is growing so so fast, already teething and outgrowing his bouncer. He kicks around and grabs for toys and is generally ridiculously adorable. His personality is so far staying pretty mellow, but he could just be biding his time, with two older sisters around filling the air with chatter.

He's a delight during the day, but if I could change anything it would be to convince his little body to sleep a bit longer at night. He would like to eat more often than I'd like to feed him in the early morning hours... He calls the shots currently, but eventually I'm going to want to use the part of my brain that currently goes entirely to keeping my sleep-deprived body from falling down the stairs every morning.

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