Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Snow Day

Jane woke up first and we told her she should climb up to Wren's bunk and look out the window.

We could hear her waking Wren up, yelling "SNOW, WREN! SNOW!"

We fed Anne pancakes and saw her off, on at least the first leg of her terrible never ending journey. If her Bronco is Artax in this metaphor, then I think she should just shoot it in the head before it pulls her down with it in the Swamps of Sadness.... I really hate that movie.

Back to fun snow day!

We had snow ball fights, and attempted to build a snow man, and of course saved snow balls in the freezer, to eat in July. Jane decided not to wait, and ate snow continuously whenever we went outside.

And here's my entry into the freshman photography contest. What can I say, the broken doll parts were all buried under the snow.

Overall we had a super fun day.

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-- chase said...

That's it, the Bronco is now "Artax." Stupid horse!