Sunday, March 20, 2011


It has become increasingly clear in the last few days that Wren considers "chicken" the food to be a completely different entity than "chicken" the beloved playmate and pet, that follows her around the yard and perches on her finger...

It is not clear what exactly we should do about this. Of course we had that talk, a long time ago, and I'm guessing it was so horrific that she just totally forgot. I don't want to have the talk again, next to the box under the heatlamp, full of soft chick bedding and cheeps.

She -really- liked the chicken parm I made last night...

I am not ready to raise vegetarians. I like tofu as much as the next person who would almost always rather be eating at the Salt Lick than eating whatever it is they're currently eating.

We don't eat that much meat, maybe 3 meals a week, but chicken is by far the -least- adorable animal we consume. If she thinks chicks are personable adorable not-at-all-delicious fluff balls, then we have to be sure she never ever holds a piglet. Or meets the long-lashed eyes of a heifer.

She has been fishing before, and really loved it. And didn't seem that concerned about the fact that we'd be gutting and eating that fish as soon as Grandad Owl got it home. She was proud at the dinner table that she'd helped. And she actually -has- a fish. Juliette the Fish! I guess she's not that attached?

I think that the case of Lil, Sal, Penny, Louise, Ginger and Honey is going to be quite different.


The Williams Family said...

I'll send you my recipe for "chicken" nuggets that are actually breaded tofu. It turns out that with chicken nuggets, most people are just in it for the barbeque sauce or ketchup anyway.

Anne said...

If she goes to the veggie side of the family she will be in good company.

I have a great recipe for "burgers" that are actually wild rice, spinach, sweet potato and among other things mozzarella. I like them and make them pretty often and you know I am picky.They would be inexpensive to make too if it wasn't for the cheese, but you can't make them without the cheese because they don't cook the same or keep the same texture. Beats the crap out of nature burger.

I want to see wren's (and mom's) birthday photos.... I know you have tons of free time in which to humor me so go ahead and get on posting those.