Monday, March 7, 2011


Having a sick sister who wants to go to sleep at 6:00 pm every night means you get to stay up "late" and play checkers with your dad.

And having a little sister who suddenly takes an afternoon nap again means that you get to ride your bike as fast as you want, and come home with holes in the knees of your pants.

And even with bike riding, and Dr. Seuss reading, and 100 piece puzzle constructing, there's still time to practice your scales.

Jane was so out of it this weekend that Wren got a tiny taste of being an only child. She liked the attention but I'm pretty sure she's ready to have her crazy sister back.

We dragged poor Jane along with us to the Kite Festival and she mostly just laid in my lap and looked at the sky.

Wren had a good time trying to get her star kite in the air, and playing with her friend Naomi.

It was a nice weekend overall, even with Jane feeling so crummy. She's finally starting to feel better, although not quite better enough to go back to school. This means of course that she's in that SUPER ANNOYING stage of having all of her energy and craziness back, with just enough discomfort and crabbiness in there to insure that she's going to make me completely insane.

By the time she's over it and back at school, Ben and I will have it, and I will have missed lots and lots of work. At least I'll have something to do when I get back!

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