Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wren woke up on her birthday and blew out the candle on a stack of pancakes, then she did it again that night after her chosen birthday menu of pizza and chocolate pie...

Wren's Nana was in town for her birthday, but spent most of the party holding her little brother.

The balloon animals were out in full force and Wren got this lovely unicorn.

Janey loved her little ladybug bracelet enough to actually approach the terrifying clown who made it close enough to get it put on her hand.

There was also face paint, and although Wren declined to be painted, she thought her cousin's was AMAZING.

She and Ava played on the swings, and took a ride on the train, and then Wren shared a snow cones with Jessie.

The babies hung out in the nice shady pavillion.

Chewing on water bottles and drinking milk.

And overall being spoiled so much by various baby-holders that Ben for one has decided he's done with being put down. He'd much rather sleep on laps, thank you very much.

Overall it was a great day and Wren has a LOT of thank you notes to write with all her new art supplies!

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davatron5000 said...

Next year, I'll pay for the Sit-Down Clown to leave the premises.