Monday, April 18, 2011

a weekend in projects

House projects...

This is a closet bunk- the girls have been in the finished product for two nights and seem to like it just fine. I'll put some pictures up as soon as I get a last coat of paint on it.

Garden projects were on the agenda, but really all I did was water and pick a little basket of snap peas. The peas are our first fruit, not counting the salad greens, which I have been enjoying but no one else will touch.

Ben had a teething project. He spent all weekend (and all my patience) working on that one, and now he has two little teeth poking up from his bottom gums. He (and therefore everyone else) has been in a much better mood since they finally broke through.

And we had some resting projects too. Ben can usually be counted on to calm down if you get him outside, so we spent a good bit of time on blankets, either in our backyard or next to Jane's soccer field. Their team was soundly beaten again this week by the Dragons. Coach Chase needs to get his act together. Geez.

And Jane took this picture of some attempted rest, that of course wasn't going too well. I think it was waaaaaaaay too early to count as morning, but Chase and I were outvoted - 3 to 2. So morning was declared, pancakes were made, and pots and pots of coffee were brewed.

Which reminds me. The weekend is over. It's almost 1, time for the first round of school pick-ups, and the second pot of coffee.

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-- chase said...

We weren't defeated by the Little Dragons so much as we were destroyed by Julieta. Julieta (for those who weren't there) is a three-year-old soccer star. She played the entire game (most kids play five minutes at a time) with sunglasses on earrings on. She probably scored five goals.

We did all right other than our inability to stop Julieta.