Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on deck

This is my first attempt at a triangle quilt. It's really my first attempt at any quilt where it really matters that all your edges line up perfectly.

It's sort of modeled on this one from the Purl Bee only with a spectrum instead of blue and orange stripes.

Chase can attest to the stressfulness of this work- I am not fun to be around when I'm attempting to line these up (and failing. and doing it again. and failing).

I finally got the top pieced and need to move onto the binding, and get this in the mail before it's intended recipient arrives on the scene. I learned that I CAN make a triangle quilt (almost) even if it's a wonky one whose triangles don't always line up. And I learned that maybe I should stick to patches until I can dedicate more of my brain to my crafting. Currently about 50% seems to be just trying to keep my awake.


christie said...

this looks like it will be awesome!

The Williams Family said...

It looks like you ARE good at lining things up. The quilt looks great!

Another note about your blog: Last year you posted about making tissue paper flowers for a party and talked about how easy they were to make...I wish you were here to help me! I'm trying to make them and they are the biggest headache. I had to go buy more tissue paper today because the first two looked so bad that I had to throw them out. Agh. Hopefully they will look as good as yours in the end.

Kate said...

Hey Kelly -- I used the tutorial from Martha Stewart -


And I was doing it with other people, so commiserating about it maybe made it seem less tedious?

I know the pointy edged ones ended up looking better, because the randomness of the cuts looked intentional that way, rather than trying (and failing) to make it all come out even.