Monday, April 25, 2011

chocolate bunnies and baby dedications

We had a pretty awesome Easter. Baskets were found, demolished, and then filled with our dyed eggs, all within about 20 minutes of waking up.

It probably took longer than that, but the night before was not a stellar one, in terms of SLEEPING, for little Ben. So honestly I'm pretty fuzzy on the details of anything that happened before my second cup of coffee.

We hosted Easter this year, since our church is in the evenings, and everybody else goes in the morning. It makes sense for me to be the ham minder. I might have a badge made. Ham minder extraordinaire. Everything went fine, although next year I will attempt not to set two loaves of bread on fire. Obviously, it was intentional. To represent the cleansing of our sin, as our Lord defeated sin and death and rose again. But you know, next year I won't do that. I'll use a timer.

And then, after I lounged about eating cookies while our guests cleaned the kitchen, it was time to load up the car and head to church, to celebrate Easter and to dedicate baby Ben.

Chase took this picture of me as I'm trying to climb in the car with a bundt cake (for the church party) and my 14th coffee of the day. I also had my purse and a diaper bag and at that moment was forgetting to bring the kids baskets for the egg hunt. We had just attempted to take a "family going to church" photo (total fail, Jane is smearing chocolate on her face in every shot) and so we were running super late for our OWN BABY'S DEDICATION. Surprising no one at church, I'm sure.

And here's baby Ben, being dedicated at Mosiac, along with a whole crew of like minded up and comers. The girls were about to embark on their 3rd sugar crazed egg hunt of the day (this time with more ants!! and pinatas, and confetti eggs!) and then we were all going to go home and drop into bed, completely exhausted, and so so thankful.

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The Williams Family said...

Yea Ben! He is looking very holy these days.