Thursday, April 28, 2011


Current faves: smashed bananas, milk, applesauce and sweet potatoes. Sisters, dogs, chickens. Chase's beard, my hair, anyone's earrings. The bath, before it gets TERRIBLE with the HAIR WASHING and the SCREAMING. The pirate bunny toy that Audrey made for Jane, and a stuffed horse from an old Ikea barn playset. Also this toy, which has been a favorite of all our babies.

He likes to say "dadadada" for a while and then he says "DADADA" and then he gets himself too excited by this whole talking thing and starts crying.

He also has a series of ear splitting shrieks, coos and other musical noises to remind us that he's in the room, in case we forgot.

He likes to sit on the floor and look at his big sisters. If they smile at him or talk to him he gets so excited he wobbles and wiggles and tips himself over. Then Wren scoots him onto her lap and practices her "babytalk" which is shamefully unbearably irritating to me, but Ben's very favorite thing ever.

He DOES NOT like teething, although he does like chewing on anything and everything that moves anywhere near his mouth. He does not like it when I eat broccoli, or pretty much anything in that family. He doesn't seem to be crazy about peas, and although he enjoys -playing- with those rice husk teething snacks, he seems to smear more on his clothes and high chair than end up actually in his tummy.

He does not like sleeping at night quite as much as I wish he did. And he also does not like watching me blog, particularly. So I'll stop there, with a brief picture of our Benjamin at 6 months old.


Aud said...

6 months! Jeeze.. as always, i'm so behind on my homemade toy gift for Ben. Thanks for reminding me, though! I love his hair!

Anne said...

He looks a little like dad, doesn't he, when he frowns?

nuf said...

He is SOOO cute!!!

Kate said...

Anne I've thought since he was born that his "angry" face is totally Dad.