Tuesday, June 14, 2011

grandad owl and shawn

My dad flying rubberband planes with Jane.

Ben chomps on his first cherry tomato and sprays everyone in a 2 ft. radius. It turns out he really loves tomatoes. Which is handy, because there were a whole lot of them.

Wren waits for Grandad Owl to wind the plane.

Jane and one of her many beloved babies.

My dad shells a record basket of butter beans from the garden.

We all sat around the table and shelled and shelled, and Chase said later he was so disappointed when he realized we were having gumbo for dinner and no fresh butter beans.

That's why I let it slide when I realized he had an extra helping of crab in his gumbo. Sometimes everybody needs an extra claw.

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The Williams Family said...

Were we in Beaumont at the same time and didn't even realize it? Were you there last week?