Saturday, June 4, 2011

splash park

I've been trying to figure out how we're going to survive this summer. Traditionally, the way to survive summer in Texas involves moving as quickly from air conditioning to submerged-in-water as possible. But that's not really doable right now.

Wren is semi-drownable, Jane is totally drownable and Ben of course is just slightly too weighted down by his diaper ballast to be buoyant. That's too many to keep from drowning at a time. In a swimming pool I look sort of like the last scrap of floating cabinetry on the Titanic- swarming third class passengers slugging it out to get a better grip.

My mom thinks these splash pads in city parks, taking the place of pools, are another scourge of our godless (poolless) generation. Signs of the decline of civilization. When she was little and pools closed, it was because of polio, or segregation fights...not because kids were big pussies who didn't know how to swim.

I bet, though, that for a week this summer when SHE has to keep these limpets from drowning, she's going to change her mind about that.

I think the splash pads are AWESOME. Because I get to sit on a blanket with Ben and, other than occasionally shepherding someone to the bathroom and helping them wash their hands, I remain remarkably dry. AND! No one grabs me by the throat in terrified desperation of going under and strangles me.

If only there was a frozen margarita stand... And maybe some chips and salsa or something? No? Oh well.

I think we're ready for summer.

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The Williams Family said...

I agree, I think the spash pad is going to be our daytime pool replacement this summer as well. I've been brainstorming other outside activities - who wants to play with a bunch of giant ice cubes that I made out of empty cool whip containers?