Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Apple

It's dance recital season, ya'll. If you know a little person who likes to dance, you have very likely gone to one of these or are planning on going.

I can tell you, even with a poopy baby on my lap, it was a damn good time.

Wren was an apple, a very important narrative element from the Wizard of Oz (yeah I didn't remember them either). She and her troop of fellow apples tapped Dorothy along the yellow brick road and it was totally awesome.

We were so proud of her for practicing (sort of) hard and for being so brave in front of a seriously huge audience.

Since she was backstage she only got to see the one dance right before the apples, so we're going to try to borrow a DVD so she can watch the whole thing. Tapestry did an amazing job of fitting in all the different classes and skill levels and keeping the whole thing actually really entertaining for the audience. I was completely floored by the skill level of the senior dancers- not a new feeling for me. I am generally in a low-level state of awe at the relative coordinatedness of my fellow humans, compared to my total lack.

All that to say, it was awesome and we're proud of Wren. And Jane came away impressed by the green witch and the flying (tapping) monkeys, of course.

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The Williams Family said...

How beautiful! I wish I could have watched the performance.