Friday, December 5, 2008

Long May She Wave

Well that was a bit of a blogging hiatus there. Our lives have been pretty insane for the last week or so, and Chase and I are worn out.

A bright spot is that our immediate family is healthy- I probably don't have strep. And Ramona does not have paralyzing bacterial meningitis, so thank goodness for that. I am, however, day-dreaming about hospital stays again, which is never a good sign. Really I am dreaming more about our upcoming visit to LA. Even if we end up sitting at the airport in Salt Lake City for 48 hours, it will still be wonderful to just sit. And talk to Chase. And eat yogurt covered pretzels from the airport stand. I can't thank my mom enough for driving up here to babysit for the weekend. I think it will be the first time we've ever left Jane overnight. I feel the normal amount of worry and guilt I think, but also I am really loving the idea of not waking up at 5:30 to screeching and/or bed wetting for at least two mornings in a row. Sorry mom.

Jane is really just the screamingist baby in town. It's not so much sad screaming, as just every day sort of talky-screaming. Velociraptor screeching. I love her so much but I just wish there was a way to teach the concept of "inside voices" to a 15 month old.

In other news I have read the entire archive in the last few days, and am currently trying to decide between a web design class or an online retrieval class for my last semester. NERD.

And speaking of comics- this is my favorite thing I've seen lately. I can't remember if I linked to it before, but I'm still thinking about it so I might as well still be talking about it. Chase and I are similar in this way. When our life is complicated or hard, we get super dreamy and antsy. Happily, our antsy dreams so far always include each other.


rachel said...

wait. are you telling me that i may have at least 6 more months of the shrieking? i'm afraid to put bea and jane in the same room lest their voices join together to disrupt the space time continuum.

Kate said...

I probably should have read that comment before making a date with your family at Hyde Park. Oh well, it was fun anyway, even if I will never every go back there.