Monday, December 8, 2008

deconstructed sweater (sort of)

In honor of my completion of this never ending semester, I made myself a scarf. I have loved this one scarf for a few months, but since the family's entire clothing budget for a month can't go to one superfluous accessory for Kate (what a shame), I have transferred covetousness to inspiration, and recycled an old sweater.

I bought that sweater at Savers (I love you Savers) and have worn it maybe twice. So I didn't feel bad cutting it up. And this was a perfect chance to finally learn how to use my overlock stitch for sewing knits, which I have been kind of terrified of doing. I didn't really know how to do it, but is still worked out okay, and maybe I will be less intimidated next time.

Anyway! New scarf! And it has a little pocket! Hurray!

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xieferris said...

i miss savers! it was my favourite thrift store when i lived in san jose. too bad i'd have to go to orange county to find the nearest one.