Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Most of my crafting these days has to remain on the down low, but since two of my main crafting recipients are among the majority of humans who don't read this blog, I feel safe sharing one of Jane's Christmas gifts:

Meet Olive, as she is dubbed in the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. I guess Jane will call her whatever she wants. I'll be squeezing some time into the next few days (I'm guessing between 12 and 1 AM) to make Olive a matching quilt, and we're planning on rehabbing the doll bed Wren never played with, that's been sitting disassembled under out bed since the move from LA. So Janey will get a doll, a blanket and a bed. She consistently turns everything else into these items, wrapping up and putting to bed cell phones, balls, and by accident, the occasional actual doll.

This is the usual fate of dolls in our house. Wren has never been much of a playing-with-dolls type kid. Apparently she prefers to dress up in as many tutus as possible and throw all her dolls in the air, in some bizarre dance routine.

Anyway, I had fun making Olive, and if her future is abuse and neglect, I can live with that. The pattern was pretty easy to follow, and mostly unintimidating. There are some kind of surreal moments in sewing a doll- following instructions that to me sound very silence of the lambs- "attach hand skin to arm and repeat..." and so on. It puts the notions in the basket.

I know, but guys, I'm tired. Give me a break. Notions. HA! I'm off to bed.


xieferris said...

wow that turned out great! she actually resembles jane a little.

jessie said...

I agree!
I love her (Olive. . .Jane too).