Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparations

Chipsters! The once a year cookie recipe, involving a hammer and an alternately greased and frozen glass. When I turned on the cuisinart, the lights flickered. These cookies are intense and awesome and they usually last around 20 minutes at our house. I don't think anyone walks by the cookie jar without eating one

Those are gingerbread men in the background. Mmm... not everyone likes traditional gingerbread- super spicy and dark. But it is one of my favorite things about this time of year.

That's a doll quilt in progress, to go with Olive and a new bed on Christmas morning. I put the binding on while watching The Fifth Element. Nothing like those traditional Christmas movies to bring home the true meaning of the season.

Here are some more of my last minute zipper pouches stuffed with nail polish and dollar store manicure supplies for the tweens in my life. The dots have an orange dot lining, and the pears have a green dot lining. I first tried to make a pouch for Zoe our of the silk pajamas her Grandma bought her in China when she was a baby, but I learned my lesson- I am definitely not good enough for silk yet. Someday maybe I will try to sew with silk again, but not anytime soon. Wow. That sucked. Chase can be a witness to my sewing rage.

And here's the Woodland Elf hat from the Amy Karol book, for a fairy obsessed niece. this was fun to make once I decided to totally ignore how my brain said a hat should be put together, and just follow the pattern. This was addictive though. I am fighting the compulsion to make like 17 more.

And lastly, a quilted patchwork scarf for my mom that I made this morning. Honestly it turned out kind of weird. But the linen is definitely her style, and I think she'll like it. I hope she'll like it, because since she's my mom, she's going to tell me she loves it, and she'll wear it around and tell people I made it, even if she hates it more than any other item of clothing she's ever owned.

And now we're off to Beaumont for a quick pre-Christmas visit. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, and I'm also looking forward to coming back to Austin and having a very low-key Christmas morning at home. Well, as low-key as we can be, with screaming children and a retarded dog with awful indigestion.

Merry Christmas!


rachel said...

the gingerbread is my favorite! i was really tempted to just sit here and finish them all, but decided i want some for breakfast.

nuf said...

kate! your stuff is beautiful. i've enjoyed keeping up with you and your projects! love, jen

elcaballo said...


That elf hat rules. Is the kilt gaining any traction?


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