Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So 2008... not the best year ever.

There were some highlights. Moving to Austin, buying our own house, making some friends, going on some really nice dates, a new sewing machine, these people:

And it also included most of Jane's first year. Every day in her company makes it more clear what a character she is. It's hard to describe her intensity- although I'm sure our upstairs neighbors could give it a shot. She is the LOUDEST person I've ever been around, and she frequently, even in the winter, gets so agitated and excited running around that her little body is hot to the touch. I am always saying, "Hon, feel her head. Do you think she has a fever?" But no, she's just Jane, being a few degrees warmer than everyone else is just how she rolls. She eats and eats and eats. First breakfast around 6:30 or 7, followed by second breakfast around 8, and then at 10 it's snacktime. She eats more than Wren at every meal, but she is a solid average on the height/weight graphs for her age. A tapeworm maybe? Perhaps her body converts calories into decibels.

She grabs armfuls of books off the shelves and backs slowly into the nearest lap. If you don't pick the book up and start reading, she'll yell and bang you with the (board) book until you comply. She is still a fierce and aggressive snuggler, and tends to leave a few bruises on her chosen loved one. Wren will sometimes call us for help from the other room "NO! Little sisters are not supposed to smush big sisters!"

In 2008 we've also gotten to see Wren navigate some of the challenges of being a big sister- the double standard, the tattling paradox, LYING... and so on. This is the year we moved her across the country from all her favorite people and started her in real school. She has become more articulate this year, more of a storyteller, and we've also seen her grow more fully into all the character traits we already love about her- her deep imagination, her deliberate gentleness, her kindness and her easy going nature. She and Jane both loved their Grandma very much, and she was definitely the main bright spot about moving to Texas for them. She was only a few minutes away from our house, and Jane would kick her legs and squeal when we turned onto Grandma's street.

So 2008 has also sucked. We've spent good portions of this year being terrified, sick, uninsured, depressed and angry. There's nothing like a rash of cancer diagnoses in immediate family members to make you prioritize, and we certainly are grateful for everything we have, and for all the time we got to spend with loved ones. But it wasn't enough time of course. And I am not sad to see this last year go. Here's to 2009 being a lot better.

What does it say about a person that they haven't finished making Christmas presents by January 6th? Nothing good probably.

Hopefully 2009 will include at least one (non-camping) vacation.

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jessie said...

Maybe a spring vacation to the the Rupert's new place down the street? Does that count? There will be boxes of California Joe Jo's on the pillows instead of mints and free childcare. Make reservations now. (you don't actually have to spend the night, you can just grab the cookies and go.)