Saturday, January 24, 2009

January WIPs

So much for finishing up Christmas presents. I have three hats and a YET ANOTHER pair of Maine Morning Mitts to go. I hate it when you're done with a project before you're actually -done- with it.

Anyway, my BFF Kelly is going to have a baby in March, and her shower is this weekend. I usually quilt baby blankets, but I wanted something really special for her, and I wasn't feeling inspired by quilts lately. I got Knitting for Peace for Christmas, and it has the pattern for the Project Linus blanket that I've looked at making before. I found some lovely soft merino (which is sadly not machine washable because apparently I'm an idiot, or just really susceptible to wool fumes). The pattern was simple and would have been fast, if I hadn't been dropping stitches every three seconds because I was watching Battlestar Gallactica. As it is I was lucky to finish at all because of all the hyperventilating and explaining to Chase what the frack was going on.

There's Wrennel displaying the blanket in all it's green-ness. They're not finding out.

Next up is Wren's quilt, which was shelved a long time ago for Christmas projects, and is now a desperate necessity since the heirloom quilt currently on her bed cannot take another washing. If that tells you anything about what out nights have been like lately, you can sympathize.

I went with tying, since speed is important, and I'm hand sewing the binding now. I pulled out some batting from the stash, and I'm not sure if it's 100% cotton or a poly blend. I remember that polyester batting doesn't have to be quite as quilted as cotton, but does anyone know how much space I can leave between ties, without risking bunching problems? Judging by the number of times I've washed and dried Wren's bedding in the last few weeks, this quilt needs to be -very- sturdy.

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