Monday, January 26, 2009

These Days

My mom insists on giving the girls age inappropriate gifts- like the tricycle for Jane, whose legs are 5 inches from the pedals. Maybe she knows best though, because Jane is obviously having a blast, even if it's mostly a stationary blast.

The gorgeous weather the last few days means we've spent slightly less time with Little Bear and more time outside. Poor Chase can't join us, since the Cedar pollen count in greater Austin is at historic highs. People report sightings of enormous clouds of pollen, accosting drivers and pulling from their cars. Not the last part of that sentence, but the first part for sure. Anyway, Chase is miserable. My theory is that he didn't eat enough inoculating dirt in his childhood, and I'm trying to avoid a similar terrible fate for our children through my traditional parenting strategy of benign neglect. Knock it if you want, but nothing gets a quilt binding sewn on faster.

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