Thursday, January 29, 2009

no hot water

Trying to take a bath:

Also, is that not the stupidest design for a teapot ever? It has metal on the grip! WTF? And another also, am I the only person who immediately thinks of "American's Kitchen" when I hear the word 'kettle'? The website does not actually look as depressing as I thought it would. Any actual Kettle location, in person, is guaranteed to be one of the top ten saddest things you've ever seen.


rachel said...

two things:

why don't you have hot water?

i have never been to a kettle, america's kitchen, so that think just made me desperate for french toast.

jessie said...

two things:
make sure and stir your bath water with a wooden spoon to make sure the heat is evenly dispersed.
Kettle- America's Kitchen made me cry a little, it looked so sad.