Wednesday, January 28, 2009

all the news that's fit to be said

From NPR just now-

"One person's pork is another person's stimulus..."

Chase and I simultaneously- "um...UGH!?"

I'm all for economic recovery, but that's not the kind of news that brings in the pledges. Or maybe it is? I don't know. Moving on-

I made this bread today- WHO Bread (wheat, honey oatmeal). It was tasty on such a cold day, and the usual self-starving Wren actually ate 4 whole slices with butter and (more) honey.

Also we're making some Ethiopian lentil stew for dinner. It smells awesome, even though I did not have all the necessary spices on hand. Chase has been having hellish days at work- a combination of the start of the semester, the incompetence of fellow employees, inconsistent bus schedules and deathly pollen levels. As a result he's been arriving home kind of sad and frustrated and not really up to dealing with the level of insanity and noise our kids put out at 5:30 in the evening. I was trying to be wifely, and have delicious spicy stew waiting when he got home, but of course I forgot to precook the lentils, so the kids are not just regular day noisy, but also STARVING and cranky noisy, and I am feeling dumb. Also touched out, and not in the mood to jump into my homework. Oh well- perhaps this stew is miraculous, and we will all feel better after we have some. I will let you know.

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Kate said...

it was not miraculous.