Saturday, January 31, 2009

flowers for January blues

Chase brought me some flowers and chocolate, to sort of kick me out of the doldrums, I guess. Seven years is a good number of years to have been married.

I ate the chocolate before I remembered to take a picture.

Right now Wren is in her ultra-super-bossy mode. She's getting progressively angrier and shriller and more frustrated with the pillow fort she's building, to the point where she's now just emitting anger grunts interspersed with screams. I should probably intervene soon. As long as Jane continues to be oblivious to the shouted commands, I'll just let Wren go until she figures out that games that leave you a gibbering, screaming wreck might not actually be that fun.

Wren has been learning about fairy tales and rhymes in school for the last week or so, and it's been pretty funny. Wren's "phone friend" used to be Johnson Kelly, a "mean girl" who was always calling to ask Wren if she had to go to the bathroom. These days all her imaginary friends are rhymes- for instance Kolly Bolly is now the "phone friend." Wren says "He's the guy I met before... at the Holly Molly store, where he lives."


Jane and I went shoe shopping at Sandy's yesterday, next to Terra Toys in our neighborhood. I'd never been there before and it was really great- like the shoe shopping I remember as a kid- the black measuring thing, and the old man who is really intense about getting the right size, and who knows how every shoe in the shop fits on different sized feet. He was all "Well with her arch and the narrow width I would go with these, but of course you're also dealing with a bit of height from the baby fat..."

Usually I just scrounge around Target for the least princessed option. We went home with these on sale, since they're from the fall line. They are really adorable in person, and although Jane is walking like they're clown shoes right now, that's just because they are A SIZE AND A HALF BIGGER than the shoes we wore into the store. Way to go mom. My kid has to learn to walk again in shoes that do not cram her toes into tiny nubs of pain. Rad.


rachel said...

bea has those same shoes in black with the white butterfly. i love sandy's shoe man. he made me feel as though i'd done something very important.

nuf said...

oh. the seven year itch. you'll get through!