Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Bend- Window Trail

What we learned on our (supposed to be 3 mile, really secretly 6 mile) hike:

Always start a hike by following people who know what they're doing. For instance, notice the socks. I myself was not wearing socks and came to deeply regret this.

Watch out for bears. Also be aware that while your husband's boy scout hat is fun and ironic in Austin, it will cause varying levels of confusion and possibly anger when worn in a National park on spring break.

Don't drink the water. Even if you didn't happen to bring quite enough. Congratulate the littlest hikers on taking tiny sips and managing to make their meager stores last. Feel like an awesome parent.

Don't slip in the water.

Enjoy the shade, when you have it. And finally, although there are no pictures of this part, finish the whole thing with lots of ice cream back at the ranger station, and an eventual soak in the hot springs by the Rio Grande.

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