Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring trip to Beaumont

Blackberries on the fence.

Jane, making herself sick. Nonetheless, she still managed to put away quite a bit at that evening's fish fry.

The girls checking out my old treehouse. My dad built this for me and my sister, and he and Shawn recently remodeled it (and painted it pink!) for my girls. Two hurricanes in two summers had not been kind to the treehouse, but it's all fixed up- new roof, new screens, new flower stencil over the door. The girls loved it.

And Ramona was definitely a fan of the sandbox. Jane had to kick her out when she wanted to play.

Even for a fast weekend trip, it was really lovely. I can't believe I left my jar of mayhaw on the kitchen table- I will be reclaiming that for sure. And it was wonderful to see my mom and grandmother and sister, even if Anne spent most of the time under her bronco, trying to figure out how to make it not strand her somewhere between here and Colorado. Everyone please hope and pray that she gets a job in Austin this week, so we won't have to put her truck to the cross country test!

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xieferris said...

i just had to Google 'mayhaw'. :P
i've never seen it before.