Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party Trick

So a few weekends ago, Jessie and I threw a shower for a very lovely friend, who claims that judging by the pokes and prods, she will soon be giving birth to a unicorn. The unicorn will be her second baby, and so we did a surprise shower and everything went down great. We yelled surprise, she was surprised, there was beer for some, mimosas for others, and juice boxes for the rest.

The point of all this is that Jessie I and made some decorations and they were adorable and if you are planning a party, you should make them too.

Sorry about the dark picture, but I had to include it- please notice Jane, sneaking in the corner to climb the table and get her finger in a cupcake.

And here she is post-cupcake-refusal. Chase reports that other guests were slightly confused to see him taking this picture, rather than, you know, comforting his screaming child.

The idea from the decorations came from the crafty and stylish Noelle, who made these pom poms for her daughter's first birthday. And SHE got the idea from, who else, Martha Stewart, who has the tutorial up on her site.

They can either look like dahlias, if you make the edges pointy, or like fluffy poufs, if you round them off. They couldn't be simpler to put together- the most complicated part was finding the floral wire, and Jessie's rose growing ancestry came to our rescue there.

Our be-showered friend took home her favorites, to decorate the nursery, and I took as many as fit in the back of the Jetta. They are hanging in the girl's room and Jane calls them her "noflakes." I can't help myself- I will be so sad when she starts saying her 's.'

I still have two extras, pink and white, sitting on the piano in the living room if anyone wants to claim them. They are getting a bit bedraggled, but I bet they'd fluff up again if you hung them up. So. If you're throwing a party, you should make some pom poms! The end.


xieferris said...

I made these very same ones for my wedding 4 years ago, and last year in marigold yellow for my 30th birthday. Martha rules (sometimes).

rachel said...

GO TEAM POMPOM! i can't bring myself to take them out of the kitchen. they make me so happy every morning!