Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blankets for the girls

I haven't really been that busy crafting. I just keep forgetting to blog, so it looks like I am super productive when I cram a bunch of projects into one post.

This is the duvet cover for Jane, in the early stages. In the last post there was a picture of Wren's requested rainbow cover, and I finally finished them both. We got the bunk beds back in March, and it's really great that both girls finally have twin size blankets for their beds. Not that they EVER sleep with their blankets. It could be snowing in their room and they'd both have kicked off their covers. But at least I finished them, however slapdash and wonky they may be.

Someday I'd really like to sand and paint the bunk beds. I guess we'll be taking them apart this summer, when we move, so that might be a good time to tackle it. I am thinking a really bright red would be nice...

And they still have their baby quilts across the foot of their beds. I should probably pack those up somewhere, so they don't get destroyed by the usual style of tent building that goes on here. I can't really do it though. I just can't believe my baby Wren is in her last week of school and next year is Kindergarten. Seriously.

Sentimentality does not keep me from being psyched about her awesome bowling fieldtrip on Friday though. I hope Dart Bowl is ready for the pre-K invasion. I've already given Wren some change for the cigarette machine.

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The Williams Family said...

I love the bunk beds and blankets. I've already started a twin quilt for Rush (even though he's still in a crib) and I think even this early I've started too late...