Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wren's best friend from school is not going to kindergarten with Wren next year, and this is causing some sadness in both our houses. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and Wren and I came up with the idea of making her a pen pal kit for the summer.

Wren wrote her a letter to get started, and I sewed this little wrap, based on the SouleMama Gratitude Wrap. We put in some fun stationary, addressed to Wren, some stickers, some fancy new pens, and a book of stamps, and I really hope this helps the girls keep in touch this summer. They are both learning to write (slowly and carefully) and so this should certainly be fun. I'm also hoping Wren can go to a dance class with her friend this summer. She is such a loyal kid, and although she's really looking forward to kindergarten, she's also just not sure about all these huge changes looming on the horizon for her. She seems so placid and easygoing that it can take a special effort to really gauge how she's doing day to day. I need to do better at remembering.

And this is an in-progress knit, that I've since finished, for one of those looming changes. Jane is less ambivalent about change, and has actually cut one of the baby knits to pieces. This diaper cover survived though- I found the pattern on Ravelry and it was simple and fast and I'll be making more for sure. I've hidden it on a high shelf though, so I'm not going to risk getting it down to photograph. My poor Janey. If anyone has the strength of personality to handle being a middle child it's certainly Jane.

And lastly I have this little baby kimono, made for a very wonderful, very pregnant friend. I wish I'd put something in there for scale, this thing is tiny. There's another one, with cherries on it, that came out looking like it was a very weird color in the pictures. This is the Habitual kimono and it was super fun and easy to make. I had already cut the pieces for the Heather Ross kimono, and then I lost that book and all the pattern pieces two nights before the shower, so that sucked. Amy at Habitual saved my life and sent me her pattern and it came together just in time. Thank you!

My sister in law Sarah gave me a huge bag of perfectly assorted, washed ironed and meticulously cut fabric squares that has since been sitting on my sewing table waiting for me to do something with. And there's the stack of antique inherited quilt tops, each partially pieced, waiting to be finished. And of course my white work quilt, languishing in the closet waiting for me to find my thimble.

So I'm thinking, aside from various baby projects, and moving of course, this might be the summer of quilting...

Who's in?

No really. Come on guys! It'll be fun!


The Williams Family said...

Here's the perfect plan for us to finish -or at least make some serious progress- on our quilts: we go to Beaumont for a few days. Kids can play with grandmothers and we can take a quilting break with some queso at Casa Ole.

nuf said...

that kimono is the cutest thing!!!
i may have to commission you to make one. your girls are so grown up and so beautiful. we miss you guys. we still point out your house every time we drive down figueroa- and finn still remembers wren.