Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Finished Quilt

So I bought some new fabric. Some fantastic incredible fabric that I've had bookmarked for at least six months. I bought fabric for my personal dream quilt, and some Heather Ross fabric for a big quilt for Jane, my poor sweet second baby who never got a baby quilt. and I also went crazy and bought this little fat quarter set from a great etsy shop. I don't know what I'm going to do with that, but I am not letting an inch of it leave my house. Those colors are so lush and rich in person. I wish I could buy the whole bunch. My self-imposed condition for cutting into this fabric is that I knock out at least 2 items in the quilting queue. Really there are three, or now that I am thinking, actually four things I should finish first. But two is all I can reasonably ask of myself.

Anyway, that was my inspiration to finally get this little quilt cut and pieced.

And then finding this tutorial was about as life changing as finally buying a walking foot. The "no binding" method is apparently known as "birthing a quilt," but I found it to be about a zillion times less tedious and painful than hand binding. Gah. And I don't even hand bind prettily. If my bindings turned out mitered, and lovely with those tiny invisible stitches, that would be one thing... but they don't. So I am in love with this now. Also, being able to just FINISH a quilt, just like that?! Is awesome. Like if somehow, at the end of an enormous stripey knit blanket, you just somehow did NOT have to weave in all the ends.


So what I'm saying is, this whole little project came together really fast and easy. These scraps were already in a pile together, left over from Wren's big girl quilt, and the backing is a well loved swaddling blanket we inherited long ago. It's funny how some things that I labor over for months I end up feeling just "eh" about. And this tiny quilt, which I spent about 4 hours on, total, makes me so happy and proud.

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rachel said...

oh! you should be so happy and proud!! it's lovely!

i finally finished bea's quilt (remember the one i started three years ago, before she was even conceived?) yesterday. it was intensely therapeutic.

i "birthed" the quilt i made for jane. i like that method a lot.