Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more baby presents

So I did end up trying one of those bookmarked ideas. I made the cozy blanket from Purl Bee, but I made it with some leftover fleece and some bright floral fabric, because it's for a new baby girl.

Getting the ric rac sandwiched in was tricky, but this is one of those areas of crafting where being the laziest opposite of a perfectionist really helps me out. Oh hey look at that! Doesn't really line up, does it? Oh well, time for a Diet Coke break...

I had a bit of everything left over so I made a little burp cloth too. If two newborns have taught me anything it's that you can't have enough of those around. My mom always had the "fancy" burp cloths, for church I guess? I just mostly used cloth diapers. If only I had felt the mystical pull of ric rac earlier in my mothering experience. I too could have had a ric rac floral burp cloth.

Anyway, two babies have also taught me that a new baby sometimes means a tender-hearted big kid, who needs a present too-

So here's yet another elf hat, from the Amy Karol book. Man I love making those. Can you tell? This one is for an especially elfin new big sister, and I went with the safe choice (pink) for embellishments. Wren is making the transition from pink to purple (or "pul-pur," as it's pronounced here) and I am thrilled. Of course she still loves pink, but I have hopes that we will eventually move along the spectrum- violet, with indigo potentially in our future. Indigo Future, last year's biggest loser at the Westlake Battle of the Bands.

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davatron5000 said...

if she keeps moving along the spectrum, she'll end up all goth.