Friday, April 17, 2009

Finnessee Questions

We were inspired by Finn's question and answer post, so Wren and I played this morning:

What's your full name? Kelly Cinnamon! HAHAHA... Wren Roden
How old are you? I am 3, no 4.
What grade are you in? I am in Mrs. Evan's Class.
My hair is brown.
My eyes are blue...(actually, they're brown.)
What's your favorite color? My favorite color is pul-pur and pink.
What's your favorite season? My favorite season is spring.
Why? Because I love the colors of leaves.
Favorite friend? Ava and Zoe. They are my cousins.
Thing you like best about your body? My belly button. And my arms, because I like to pick Jane up.
Favorite TV show - Carlissini HAHAHA I mean Maisy. (Carlassini is obviously made up, and she hasn't watched Maisy in years. She loves Olivia right now.)
The one thing you can do best? Do tricks. Watch this! (spins around)
One thing you wish you could do better - read grownup books.
What do you want to be when your grow up? A daddy or a mama or a teeny tiny little baby or a big sister. and I want to read books when I growd up, to children.
What's one thing that really scares you? A dinosaur-apotosaurus. If I see one that really makes me want to get scared.
What's the thing you wish for most in the world? I wish would that I had a full garden of flowers and dandelions. That would be fun.


nuf said...

That's wonderful! Yes, lets have them be craft-pals....

xieferris said...

ah these are great.

Aud said...

i love it

kristen said...

Kate - this is lovely. I see what Naomi sees in her. :)