Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've been bookmarking projects like crazy lately. I guess it's partly a new season and being inspired by all the great colors and designs I see around. And also it's having a little bit of money to spend on crafting at the moment. Usually I try to navigate through the crafting world with financial blinders on. Like, oh that's a great project, but... it looks like about 10 yards of good fabric so... No thanks.

Also, of course, as I may have mentioned 27 thousand times, everyone I know is apparently reaching big-life-milestone age, and there's no one on the list I don't love enough to make a quilt for. So I'm trying to keep my eyes open for various projects that say "I love you enough for a quilt, but I only had 2 hours, so you get this coaster set instead..." without coming off like a jerk.

Here are my favorites out there right now-

From The Purl Bee with an awesome how-to. I want to live in that room. I want to make the quilt, but I want to make it with more blue. I wish I was better at putting colors together.

And today I bought fabric for this little blanket, also from Purl Bee. I went with an Amy Butler knockoff floral, and I'm going to use the fleece leftover from Wren's elf hat.

And I want to make every single thing in Heather Ross's new book -

I don't actually own it, I'm just assuming. I will probably have to skip past a few obligatory craft book offerings- the apron/potholder/tote bag/placemat patterns, that everyone who writes a book is apparently convinced people are clamoring for. But that skirt! that dress! I put the book on hold at the library the second it came out.

Oh and speaking of aprons. How many craft books do I have with apron patterns? I know, and yet the one I want to make is this one. Ruffles!

Nothing says "I didn't have time for a quilt" like a ruffle apron.

And here's a slightly less inspiring (although arguably a zillion times more useful) project. I love projects that use things you already have (um, yes. I do make my panties from used t-shirts... don't you?) My utilitarian and practical friends and family have birthdays too.

And last but not least, this is not a project, but it's my first thing in the morning and last thing at night bookmark-

That's a hotel room, in Isla Mujeres, for $60 a night. That, plus this is what I have been thinking about when 3:30 pm rolls around, and the kids fall apart and my internal monologue is along the lines of "How many cups of coffee is this? Maybe I should switch to Diet Coke. Which one of you is screaming? Is there blood? Hm.. is that a diaper? Or did someone track dog poop in the house again?"

My dad has talked for years about what a great stop Isla Mujeres is for his sailing trip, but I sort of tuned it out because sailing = barf. But now that there's a terrifying rickety new airline- sign me up!

My husband is currently dying from a combination of oak pollen inhalation and antihistamine overdose, so it seems like a good time to get out of town. Either that or I drown him with the neti pot the next time he snorts. Anyone who wants to change their 3:30 pm monologue to something more like mine should give me a call about babysitting. I will bring you back a mojito.


Lori said...

“slightly less inspiring”?! hey!! ;^)

Kate said...

Hey I was inspired! I made it last night! The only thing on that list so far! I guess I meant, "slightly less ruffly."