Monday, April 6, 2009

coasters for Ruth

Our friend Ruth just moved into a new house, and it's actually less than a mile from where we live. She lives on the side of the highway that's overrun with deer, as opposed to hipsters. She invited us to a housewarming party, so instead of doing my homework on Saturday morning, I made coasters. These are sort of like the ones I saw in Denise Schmidt's book, but I had to return that to the library, so I was sort of guessing.

I backed them in mustard felt, and other than accidentally sewing the wrong side of that yellow fabric, and then being too lazy to go back and fix an inch and a half seam...I think they came out just fine. Hurray coasters!

Ruth's new place is great, and I was immediately jealous of her awesome planter boxes. She also lives less than a block from Chase's bus stop, so I bet they will get to see each other more often. He can report back to me about the coasters' inevitable lack of use. Because no one really uses coasters. They're ridiculous.

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