Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Around the House

Princess Wren, eating pizza on a pillow. Jane and Wren dragged pillows in front of the door to watch the thunderstorm earlier this week. Janey's wearing an old sweater I felted and made into a diaper cover. Those are really easy and cheap to make, and actually seem to help cut down on diaper rashes, since they breath more than the PUL fabric in other diaper covers. Kind of a hassle to wash though.

I made yet another elf hat from the Amy Karol book for Wren. It was supposed to be for her birthday, but I had to try it on her, and of course couldn't take it away after that. In that picture it's still waiting for its flower- Wren chose blue and yellow felt with a blue button, because she's "Bluebell the fairy." She has some of the little banners I'm sewing for her birthday party spread out on the floor around her.

And there's Jane, making a huge mess as usual. She's in a terrible mood this morning- probably more teeth coming in.

She's as fierce in sadness as she is the rest of the time, so our neighbors probably think we're beating her, what with all the screaming. I know it's so obvious, but still- kids are different! Parenting Jane has a lot of the same challenges as Wren at this age, but some things are just totally different. For instance, one of Jane's stock of words is "toot," and she is always looking for a way to use it. Having an older sister has clued her in extra early to the whole "pooping is funny" line of humor. She is always listening for toots, and exults in running in the room to point at the tooter and yell "TOOT" and fall over giggling. It's awesome. And of course she thinks it's pretty hilarious when she is the guilty party.

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Aud said...

that is the cutest elf hat I've ever seen! I would wear it! or maybe oscar would wear it. maybe matching ones for ramona and oscar. dang, that would be cool.
I'm pretty jealous that dave and mer get to see you guys today. lucky dogs!