Friday, March 20, 2009

Gift Bags

These are the party favors for Wren's birthday. I sewed the little drawstring bags from an old curtain- using this tutorial but at a quarter of the size.

I have never met a kid who didn't like having their name on stuff, so I cut out first initials with pinking shears, and put them on with some self-adhesive backing. The bags have little blank books we stapled together with pretty paper Wren picked out, and a box of crayons.

Waging the war on plastic junk in gift bags since 2009. That's me. Not really though- Wren LOVES everything about the party favors she's gotten in the past- the little bag, all the tiny new toys. And if she knew it was an option, she would much rather give her friends anything from the princess party favor aisle in Target than these lame curtain bags. But she doesn't know. She probably will by next year, so I'm taking my chance. Long live the curtain bag!

1 comment:

rachel said...

i love the curtain bag and i am sad wren's partygoers didn't get to be wowed by them. but i am. i think you're an amazing for making them!