Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Girl

With a bejeweled crown from Bea. Wren's birthday party was fun and low-key, in her Grandad's backyard. Her only requests were for a strawberry cake, and Cinderella to come. I couldn't secure Cinderella, but I think Wren had a great time anyway.

I'm putting up a few pictures from the party, the rest are on our flickr page.

Zoe and Ava are taking a break, watching some bubbles. Zoe came home early from a camping trip and my mom told the story of her first summer camp experience, where she hated it so much that she tried to hitch a ride home on the Baird's Bread truck. Stubbornness runs in our family.

Poor little sister. It's hard to watch your big sister open a whole stack of presents that are definitely NOT FOR YOU. Luckily she had Nana, and lots and lots of cake and ice cream to console her.

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nuf said...

Happy Birthday Wren! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. (she looks so grown up.)