Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bea's Birthday Presents

Wow so this has been a crazy weekend, with a kickoff on Thursday night at Phil's when insanity possessed me and I said, "Gosh it's been almost a whole year since we got the Barfing Flu..."

Yeah, I know. For real. So obviously Jane started throwing up this morning, which at that point just capped off a weekend of crazy. My mom and Grandmother came to town, my cousins Nell and Leah were visiting (woo!) There was an enormous grocery list (hey are anyone elses' groceries insanely expensive?) a bike hutch to build, I had two big homework assignments, and two big crafting deadlines, and also Bastrop apparently caught on fire.

Anyway, Wrennel and I went to Bea's first birthday party, definitely the high point:

Wren's modeling the Swing Smock, from BTRS, by Amy Karol. It was maybe the simplest thing ever, although I made it way too big. I always just end up eyeballing things and that means it's probably going to fit Wren, not whoever it's supposed to.

The same thing happened with the hat, which is actually the same red as the pocket and trim on the smock, but my house has funny light. Okay fine, I am not awesome at taking pictures. And I couldn't talk Wren into modeling again, so poor naked Baby Sophie had to do it. I'm not sure where her clothes went...

Actually, since the one year old in question is cracking the 95 percentile in head size (woo! above average!) this hat is not ridiculously big, just pretty big.

It was a great party, and we had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Bea!

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