Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Promised blue legwarmers for Jane, in leftover cotton/wool blend.

Please ignore the filthy filthy rug.

I'm currently sinking under homework and housework. This coming weekend has been on the calendar for months and months as Spring Cleaning/House Fixing, and in spite of all the prep time, we are currently underfunded, underprepared, and under-babysittered for such an extreme undertaking.

In addition, my classes are pretty rough at the moment. I like school a lot, and it's certainly fun to engage my brain every now and then, but I could do without the looming deadlines and stress headaches I remember so well from... well I guess from the whole rest of my life. I mean, school was all fun until about the 3rd grade, right? That's when it started sucking for me anyway. Screw you, times tables.

Also, it seems like everyone I know is celebrating some big step in life worthy of a handmade craft item. Hurray! Could we maybe talk about putting that wedding/baby/graduation back a month or two? I've kind of got a pile up going on... No? Well, think about it mkay? This is HAND QUILTING we're talking about here, and there's not enough trash TV in the world to support this amount of it.

I love making stuff. And sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I know the only thing that's going to knock me out of blue-ness is sitting down and making something. I made Wren a hat this morning, and she stopped everyone in the grocery store to talk about it. Radical.

However, much like school work, and actually, everything else in life, (except gestating children) it's better without a due date.

So that's why there has been (and will continue to be for a bit) less blogging and more doing.

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