Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bathmats and waffles

There's Wren chowing down on some weekend waffles. She's picky with dinner food but she LOVES breakfast. Bacon and Eggs, waffles, tacos, "pant cakes," (Wren is very wary of silent 't' words, and tends to overcorrect, where she suspects they might exist) muffins, french toast, cinnamon rolls, scones. I guess I actually feel the same way about breakfast, only I'd add migas and the hashbrowns my dad makes, which Wren is not so crazy about.

And here's my crafting-for-necessity offering. I am so tired of not having a bathmat. That's an old towel, with the binding made from an old sheet. It looks super wonky and there's no non-slip stuff on the bottom, but I think it counts as a bathmat. Hurrah. And that's Jane's reindeer antler towel, hanging on the kids' towel hooks to the right, in case you were wondering.


rachel said...

OH, I LOVE WREN! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! and now i'm kind of freaked out by the concept of "silent t words". what the heck?

-- chase said...

She means words like "panties" where often don't pronounce the "t," making it sound more like "pannies." Wren does NOT want to miss that "t." She even calls me Dat-tee.