Monday, March 30, 2009

bsg distraction

So Hulu FINALLY put up the BSG finale. AH! I baked brownies and got the vodka out of the freezer in celebration. However, I also know from watching BSG in the past (never while pregnant or with a newborn) that a little distraction can be very helpful in alleviating the intensity of some of the melodrama. I was watching with Chase, who is sort a natural deflator of artificial tension in any environment. If I watch anything by myself, rather than with Chase, I am 500% likelier to cry. Sad but true.

So I had Chase, and vodka, but with 3+ years of investment in these characters, I felt like I might need something extra to get through the end. Also, it helps if I don't have to stare at the lame CGI centurions.

Anyway, these little cupcake bags from this tutorial were the perfect craft:

Simple, fast, and I had everything on hand. Um, yes. I did have hot pink felt and zippers at my house. Shut up.

I got to look down at the important times to thread the needle, or place the zipper, or whatever, so I could not be watching the screen. It gave me the distance I needed. So thank you cupcake bags.

I don't know who they'll go to. Probably the next girl in Wren's class with a birthday. Or my sister. Whoever sees them first.


jessie said...

I am starting season one, episode one TONIGHT!

rachel said...

at first i was thinking, "that's pretty pathetic, kate. you need some foofy pink craft project to get you through BSG?"

and then i remembered what i made while watching the certain someone's sparkly pink princess crown.

qualifiedcondition said...

I had to Google "BSG". I would say that this makes me a million times cooler than you, but I just remembered that my TV plays a constant loop of reality shows involving people playing dress-up... models, drag queens, at-risk youth, more models... at least "BSG" has a plot.

-- chase said...

It's probably my hilarious running commentary that distracts you from the tension of your favorite hulu shows. You're welcome.