Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baleful Dog

Look at that face. It's like we live with the paranoid android. When we walk in a room, Ramona will frequently leave- laboriously hoisting herself up, groaning and sighing, and shuffling huffily away, with her nails clack clack clacking on the floor. We took her on a walk this morning, to buy some flea shampoo, and although she was happy to be out and about, and happy especially to eliminate in front of large crowds of neighbors and then stand back to watch Chase pick it up, it's like she knew a bath was waiting for her at home. Ramona suspects that every good thing in life is only the appetizer for the main course of pain and suffering.

I swear we have never done anything to deserve her scornful disinterest (lightened by moments of terror). We maybe haven't been the best pet owners in the whole world, but we're not bad people. She's just weird.

And her Eeyore like demeanor is pretty perfect for putting up with the girls. She would never ever hurt them, and patiently takes whatever sort of dress-up, ear-pulling schemes they dish out. And if we leave the door open, she will always choose to sleep in their room, to keep an eye on them. So overall she's sweet and a great dog, but she can sometimes sort of bring down the mood of the house. Such as on bath day.

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