Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Breakfast

One of my favorite routines, as people who have lived with me probably know, is making breakfast. I like being up before everyone else (weird since I also like sleeping for 12 hours at a shot) and turning on the coffee maker and the radio and opening the windows and flipping through a cookbook to find something good.

This weekend I came prepared with a recipe for pop up pancakes I bookmarked a couple of days ago.

They were really easy to make (Wren stirred the batter) and very delicious. Also, since it uses 6 eggs, these pancakes don't suffer from the usual breakfast pastry problem, where you feel super full for an hour and then you're starving to death before lunch. Or maybe that's just me.

They definitely popped up in the oven, but I might have been clumsy getting them out of the cupcake pan, because they deflated really fast. It's okay though because they made little wells for all the toppers. We had a bag of strawberries in the freezer and I simmered them with cinnamon and sugar and a little bit of butter to make syrup, and then of course we also piled them up with powdered sugar. Very yummy.

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jessie said...

DANG! those look so good.