Saturday, September 20, 2008


What's that I'm cooking you ask? ...


Don't worry though- they're unbleached, organic diapers, so it's cool.

I read somewhere lately that "stripping" or boiling your diapers can clean away all the detergent residue that traps germs and whatnot. Poor Janey has been a bit rashy lately and Chase almost asphyxiated yesterday during a diaper change. He described the sensation of inhaling pure ammonia as "cold, so so cold..." in between fits of retching. Ammonia and rashes are indications that diapers need to be stripped, so I had a boil-a-thon yesterday. Overall it went well. I can fit 3 diapers at a time into the stock pot, and then transition the boiled ones into a cooling pot, and then hang them up. My hands are pretty destroyed though. Can you imagine being a laundress when washing clothes was that intense? I would have enormous cracked red club hands. Hurray for washing machines.

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