Friday, September 19, 2008

Wren's New Art

So Wren has started some representational drawing for real and it is so fun. I completely understand why other parents get so excited about this now- it happens SO fast. One day she was squiggling and coloring, and then seriously an hour later she was drawing people and telling us stories about them. That's Octopus Man, on the left, obviously. And I don't know the story behind 'One Giant Eye with Eyeball Man' but I bet it's entertaining. She's also drawn "baby Wren in Mama's tummy" and of course lots of family scenes. Usually "under the ocean." A bit strange but awesome. We went out and bought her a special notebook and some markers that were just for her. Jane is not allowed to even look longingly at them.

I think this one might be my favorite so far. It's a bit melancholy, just like our lady. Yesterday she went out to get her bike off the porch and there was a lizard on it. Chase said she got really close and looked at it for a long time and then said,

"A lizard is a kind of animal that doesn't love anybody at all."

What can you possibly say to that? She is the best.

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