Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frankhoma Ware

One upshot of the hurricane season so far is that I'm seeing more of my family. My dad came to visit last weekend and he brought the long lost box of Frankhoma Ware from my grandmother's house. Some of it chipped, but only one plate (a Mayan-Aztec pattern) was actually broken. I've been drinking my coffee out of the big green mugs every morning- almost my very favorite green. It's comforting and nice to know that these are the dishes my grandmother served every meal on for over 50 years.

And the awesome milk carton vase is from a batch of pottery my cousin Mark picked up in Bali. The glaze looked so much like the Frankhoma that he shipped 2 cases home, and then brought it on the plane from San Diego. We put it all on the ground outside, and sat around in a circle, taking turns picking out pieces with the box fan whirring in the background and my sister walking around with the sweet tea jug, keeping everyone's glass full (everyone who wasn't drinking beer). My Aunt Franny had a heart attack any time a dog walked by, and eventually we took pity on her and moved it to a table inside. I loved the milk carton, and no one else was crazy for it, so hurrah!

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