Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Works in Progress

First up, Dave and Jessie's -ready any minute I swear you guys!- wedding quilt. Only a few rows left to go, and thankfully I now have 4 episodes of BSG season 4 on my laptop, so those rows will be done as soon as I finish my homework.

I cannot wait to pull that quilt out of the dryer, all warm and fluffed up. It's going to hurt to put it in the mail, but I really loved making it, and I hope that, in the spirit of the knitting from Midnight's Children, that love will transmit to its recipients. And speaking of knitting, I have something tiny and fun on the needles right now:

I double wound that ball of yarn to make it nice and thick and warm for little baby hands. The mittens are also thumbless, but since tiny babies really only use their thumbs to scratch themselves on the eyeballs, it's probably not a big deal.

Tonight is my study night and as soon Chase is home I'm heading off to the coffee shop. I've done most of my housework, or rather, the Roomba has done my housework, and an enormous book called REFERENCE is waiting to be read. I'm guessing it doesn't say this.

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