Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tonight's Drink

Tuesday nights Chase heads off shortly after the kids go to sleep for Thunderbird, our friendly neighborhood coffee (and beer) shop. It's a nice arrangement since he gets a whole lot of socializing done, and bikes home boozily in time to preemptively down a glass of water and set the coffee pot for Wednesday mornings, and I get a whole quiet evening all to myself.

This -should- be study time, but it usually ends up being -quilt to trash tv time-. My current quilting favorites are Gossip Girl, ANTM (Shut up) 30 Rock, and Mad Men. If a certain friend would ever cough up my BSG, that's what I would be watching, but as it is, free tv on the computer is how I roll. Sewing on the machine is a big time commitment, and I have to prepare by getting all the supplies out and ready, so I don't have to waste precious crafting time tearing the house apart for a red button I KNOW I HAVE SOMEWHERE DANG IT.

Handquilting, embroidery and knitting, in comparison are crafts that do not take up your whole head most of the time, and they are generally pretty portable. The kind of knitting I do anyway, which is not chart reading or lace making or anything that would require a 6th grade math education.

That is all to say, that quilting + trash tv needs a drink accompaniment, and tonight I realized we were mixerless. I was so inspired by Christie's birthday party that I decided to try making a very simple tonic with my key lime supply (laid in for Chase's dad's soon-to-be birthday pie). It was fantastic, although seedy. I need to make sure to get those seeds out next time. Let the slightly drunken quilting commence! I swear, Ruperts, you won't know the difference.


jessie said...

I can't wait to look for drunk spots all over the quilt. I will hold them dear. Every single one of them.

xieferris said...

glad you were inspired! (and wish you guys were at the party)

that tonic that seth made was awesome. the hardest part was finding the right ingredients. though, i suspect most people but us own things like coriander and allspice. don't know if you saw but he posted a link to the recipe on our blog.