Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miss Bunny

Fridays can be hard days for me- nothing is on the schedule, unlike pretty much every other day, so I tend to realize shamefully around 2 in the afternoon that I'm still in my pajamas. The girls go crazy, bouncing off the walls with no where to go, and I am generally using up the very last dregs of my weekly amount of patience around 8:11 AM.

I try to get us all out of the house and headed somewhere before everyone falls apart, but yesterday our Central Market playground plans fell through, and I needed something to distract me from all the hopeless wailing: "JANE KNOCKED DOWN MY BLOCKS AHHHHHHH"

So hello Miss Bunny- a heavily Hillary Lange inspired soft toy, for whichever pregnant friend is at the top of the list. She's semi-stuffed and unclosed in this picture, but I plan on finishing her up today and maybe popping her in the mail sometime this weekend. Wren has already absconded with her a couple of times, and I don't want her to be any more than "gently used" when she goes to befriend a new baby. For little soft toys I like to fill up a plastic egg with rice, to make a rattle to sew inside, but I couldn't find any eggs today, so she'll just have to be cuddly, instead of otherwise entertaining.

Sorry about the crappy picture- I don't like using the flash, and we still don't have much sun here. I hope I'll get better at taking pictures. In the meantime, rest assured she's cuter (and more in focus) in real life.