Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trial Ride

First time out with our new gifted trailer...

A little scary, watching the three people I love most roll along in vulnerable, highly crushable contraptions. Tighten those helmets, ladies! (Yeah, Jane wasn't too fond of hers. She adjusted, once we were on the road.)

I was the only one without a helmet, since I really don't ride my bike that much. Chase, even pulling the trailer, totally, predictably, kicked my ass. He laughed at me and could not believe I was tired. Shut up! Some of us are more slothful than others! And I did your laundry! Wren, however, said from the trailer, "You have a really nice bike, Mama." And it's true, I inherited Grandma's pink Schwinn cruiser, complete with bell and 3 lovely speeds.

The ride was really nice, although we definitely need a little flag for the trailer, to make it more visible to cars. And happily we didn't need any first aid.

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xieferris said...

nice. i feel lame riding w/ seth because he's not only riding fixed gear, which should be more difficult, but he's kicking my ass. oh an also last night we were riding to dave & jessie's, and i crashed. i skidded out on my side and banged my entire right side on the ground, including my unprotected head. oh and we have no insurance. luckily i'm just MAJORLY bruised and a little scabby.